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Online Training

Learn from anywhere and at anytime

E-learning and Mobile learning are supported by BE.educated®. Thanks to the HTML-5 technology, the responsive user interface allows learning from the device of your choice.

Modern and intuitive interface

The learner dashboard and course modules were designed in a way that allows users to simply and intuitively log-in and start training. Many embedded features like resuming from last session, calendar and message box support the user in the management of his training.

Secure Payment

You can order online and choose your payment method from wire transfer, credit card or PO (for companies only). PCI compliance guarantees a secure payment. Companies needing to teach several employees can place a bulk order and a list of the learners and these will get their login credentials automatically to ease the setup process. Coupons can be provided for specific actions.


User Administrator rights

As Training Manager or Team Leader, BE.educated® gives you administrative rights and offers a full set of reporting features to monitor, in real time, how your learners are doing.


Reliable SaaS platform

With over 99,99% service uptime BE.educated® is very reliable. You can access your courses at anytime. All you need is an Internet connection.

Personalized learning path

You get consistant, flexible access to the training content. You alone determine the order of completion and have up-to-the-minute reporting of your current learning progress.


Quiz and certificate

Learners are regularly provided with assesment opportunities in the form of a variaety of question types. These embedded assessments offer personal and institutional validation of content mastery. Learners who meet or excede established levels of mastery receive an automatically generated certificate.